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The Lahné Johnson (Annandale) Scholarship Fund

Lahné felt most comfortable at the dance studio,” says her husband. “The dance community cared so much for Lahné,” says her best friend.

Unfortunately, the dance community has lost the vibrant life of Lahné Johnson (Annandale). Lahné was the long-time friend and dancing comrade of Antoinette DeGeorge, Dance2Live Founder and Director. As young girls, the two bonded over their love of movement. Dance is one of the only things in their lives that never changed; it was their medicine, their self-expression, and their safety net.

Lahné’s years on the dance floor will never be forgotten, nor will they be in vain. By donating to the Lahné Johnson (Annandale) Scholarship Fund, you will help an at-risk or underserved youth to access a dance community in Denver. Hopefully, this community will provide the same opportunity for empowerment, artistic expression, and self-discovery that Lahné experienced throughout her life.

Donations are always accepted, in any amount. All donations are tax-deductible; please email for a receipt.

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